WordCross Answers All Level Packs

WordCross Answers Levels Cat Pack:

#96 said: proclaimed announced instructed told explained declared
#97 spices and herbs: basil nutmeg peppermint coriander rosemary thyme
#98 spring: easter rebirth rain bloom melting
#99 follow the leader: queen president emperor headmaster pharaoh chairman
#100 in the kitchen: oven chef colander casserole knives
#101 habitats: forest desert tundra savannah wetlands
#102 funny: comedian joke punchline clown pun
#103 a pirates life: rum booty treasure mutiny sailing
#104 under the: bridge sea table weather rose
#105 nouns that are verbs: bargain display broadcast drink produce

WordCross Answers Levels Ostrich Pack:

#106 vegetables: eggplant radicchio potato scallion broccoli
#107 its about time: century month lifetime millennia day
#108 shy timid: reserved bashful introverted skittish sheepish
#109 gardening: lawnmower compost soil shovel flowerbed weeding
#110 in the harbor: sailboat seals buoy ripples anchor paddles
#111 something fishy: flounder walleye trout sturgeon halibut minnow
#112 roadways: interstate turnpike roundabout street overpass
#113 the land down under kangaroo: sydney outback aussies billabong didgeridoo
#114 landforms: basin peninsula island plateau archipelago
#115 world religions: hinduism islam christianity mormonism baptist scientology

WordCross Answers Levels Dog Pack:

#116 on the internet: ebay amazon google celebrities rumors headlines
#117 eating utensils: chopsticks spoon knife skewer tongs hands
#118 passport: hotel relaxation luggage reservations
#119 new years: eve countdown kissing noisemaker drinks resolutions time
#120 types of cars: hatchback limousine ferrari sedan convertible dragster
#121 house residence: crib pad dwelling homestead abode
#122 nurse: waiting emergency scrubs monitors surgery
#123 in the loop: closet moment zone ballpark
#124 the forest: campers trails woodpecker fern solitude
#125 in the toolbox: ratchet hammer hacksaw pliers screwdriver

WordCross Answers Levels Antelope Pack:

#126 famous artists: Renoir Dali Picasso Michelangelo Pollack Monet Warhol
#127 European cities: Stockholm Paris berlin Dublin London Madrid Amsterdam
#128 hidden obscure: shrouded unknown disguised secluded mysterious withheld
#129 that’s fowl: chicken duck peacock pheasant goose quail
#130 red all over: cardinal radish blood anger tomato poinsettia ruby
#131 comet: Saturn eclipse pulsar sunspot vacuum lunar
#132 its all Greek to me: souvlaki aphrodite omega athens crete parthenon aristotle l
#133 American authors: hemingway fitzgerald morrison twain lee plath salinger
#134 rocks and minerals: quartz granite limestone salt obsidian turquoise sapphire
#135 boxed in crossword: gift jewelry cereal mail chocolate

WordCross Answers Levels Pig Pack:

#136 on a boat: deckhand sail rudder porthole dinghy rigging stern
#137 fried food: chips calamari schnitzel fries fritter
#138 shell-tered: snail yolk abalone oyster turtle crab urchin
#139 i eat there: delicatessen bistro cafeteria restaurant pub diner bakery
#140 geography: hemisphere continent longitude meridian equator coordinates atlas
#141 swimming: goggles backstroke flippers snorkel diving freestyle paddle
#142 musical theory: tempo notation harmony legato sharp aria syncopation
#143 in the dark: bat mushrooms vampire starlight alley
#144 u.s. constitution: amendments judicial ratification convention hancock framers preamble
#145 in a pickle: nutshell hurry panic fury

WordCross Answers Levels Cow Pack:

#146 plugged in headphones: stereo toaster fan dryer heater range
#147 art: sculpture impressionism paintbrush architecture canvas composition watercolor
#148 anxious: apprehensive nervous distressed fearful uneasy jumpy uptight
#149 u.s. states: Delaware Oklahoma Tennessee Michigan Maryland California Missouri
#150 April fools: day prank mischievous silly trickery mislead lighthearted
#151 on the newsstand: vogue esquire Newsweek spin seventeen life
#152 things that can be tied: knot tongue bow ribbon noose game
#153 in the bathroom: towels conditioner shampoo shower toothbrush scale mouthwash
#154 on the defensive: border grounds defensive beach road ball fence
#155 composers: Gershwin Tchaikovsky mozart debussy handel mahler verdi

WordCross Answers Levels Camel Pack:

#156 a runners life: marathon sneakers cramps race blisters hurdles track
#157 personal qualities: nave obnoxious intelligent agreeable thoughtful selfish passionate
#158 the human body: skeleton arm mandible pancreas eyelid spine ankle
#159 ______ salad chopped green egg Caesar cobb
#160 solitary activities: reading crosswords sudoku meditation solitaire prayer dreaming
#161 you can write with that: chalk typewriter pen marker crayon
#162 in a deck of cards: spades diamonds joker numbers suits jack
#163 beach wear: shorts sunglasses swimsuit sunscreen hat bikini
#164 have a seat: throne stool rocker desk bench
#165 its elemental: nitrogen oxygen lead carbon helium chlorine uranium

WordCross Answers Levels Chimpanzee Pack:

#166 winter sports: skiing snowboarding biathlon sledding hockey curling bobsled
#167 ______: room head motel living store board T
#168 musical genres: rock jazz blues classical electronic dance pop
#169 fabric-ated: silk linen leather denim cashmere nylon
#170 on the Christmas: tree branches ornament tinsel lighting nutcracker h
#171 crooked: meandering devious twisted asymmetric winding untruthful awry
#172 it follows you: shadow reputation record name children footprints ponytail y
#173 things found in rows: corn stairs teeth chairs people boxcars troops.
#174 famous rock bands: Beatles oasis nirvana Metallica Aerosmith genesis
#175 covered up scandal: camouflage circus nudity book mystery

WordCross Answers Levels Horse Pack:

#176 at the bank: teller vault signatures mortgage transactions cash broker
#177 bake sale: pumpernickel Danish macaroon rye Clair rolls sourdough biscuit
#178 fast food: McDonalds cheeseburger bisquick arbys whopper burrito subway
#179 summer: Olympic events decathlon badminton fencing archery gymnastics equestrian wrestling
#180 at the salad: bar lettuce dressing croutons cucumber olives plates
#181 narrow: slender thin pinched minded limited constricted definite precarious
#182 in a choir: baritone tenor soprano parts melody alto
#183 light it up : flashlight sun lamp torch neon incandescent candle fluorescent
#184 ______ :time over about harvest dinner air some peace night
#185 jazz musicians: davis coltrane parker holiday goodman brubeck ellington