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Words in a Pic Answers Level 41-60

Words in a Pic answers
Answers for Words in a Pic Answers Level #41 – #60 for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod. The game app is created by WeAreQiiwi Interactive AB. In this new fun word game, your goal is to find the words that match a picture. Each picture has three words associated with it. We give you all the letters needed to find the word, and then it’s up to you to find the correct solution. If you are stuck, we have the cheats.
Think carefully – it’s possible to link more words to each picture, but only three are correct.
There are lots of levels – some easy and some difficult. Can you solve them all? If not don´t worry guidesetc.com have the solutions for you below. Words in a Pic is a highly addictive game that will keep you entertained for a long time.
Please help us, if you have any of the missing answers!
Words in a Pic Answers Level 41-60:
Level 41: pinecone, squirrel, rodent
Level 42: sleeping, lion, nose
Level 43: lightning, storm, night
Level 44: toes, feet, beach
Level 45: painting, ship, harbor
Level 46: Steel, escalator, moving
Level 47: Pig, truffles, muddy
Level 48: Lift, training , strong
Level 49: Door, number, old
Level 50: Camera , film, picture
Level 51: Pilot, missile, point
Level 52: Water, elephant, ivory
Level 53: Calf, tennis, racket
Level 54: Window, parked, reflectors
Level 55: Helicopter, propeller, lake
Level 56: donkey, whip, cap
Level 57: hippo, teeth, yawning
Level 58: timeout, crowd, referee
Level 59: baseball, flag, stripes
Level 60: moon, tree, universe