Words in Pic Home Pack Level 1-10 Answers

Are you looking for answers for the new challenging game Words in Pic created by Hi Studio Limited? We got the answers for the Home pack right here at guidesetc.com.
In this game you will be presented with 1 image, 16 letter grids and 6 words which you by mixing the letter grids need to solve. Some of the words might come quite easily to you, but others might be more difficult. If you are stuck in this puzzle game the below answers should definitely help you out.
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Words in Pic Home Pack Answers and Solutions

Words in Pic Home Pack Level 1-10 Answers:
Home-1 Answers:
Christmas, Apartment, Curtain, Furniture, Stool, Home.
Home-2 Answers:
Appliance, Kitchen, Cabinet, Table, Tile, Floor.
Home-3 Answers:
Bedroom, Umbrella, Romantic, Pillow, House, Wall.
Home-4 Answers:
Painting, Living, Window, Couch, Door, Table.
Home-5 Answers:
Garland, Outdoor, Wooden, Lattice, Glass, Pillar.
Home-6 Answers:
Silverware, Dinning, Flower, Rose, Room, Teapot.
Home-7 Answers:
Kitchen, Breakfast, Cupboard, Margarine, Bowl, Vase.
Home-8 Answers:
Stairway, Artistic, Spiral, Tread, Carve, Down.
Home-9 Answers:
Cupboard, Houseware, Plate, Order, Dining, Teapot.
Home-10 Answers:
Christmas, Holiday, Present, Tree, Bell, Ball.
This great and fun game can be downloaded for your iPhone or iPad from AppStore/iTunes by clicking the image below. It’s completely free.