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WordsUp Burger Answers and Solutions

WordsUp Burger Answers All Levels. If you are stuck and need help with a puzzle word then we have solved all levels for you. Look for the hidden words. When you solve all words in the correct order you can complete the puzzle level. The game features 750+ levels and has been translated in many languages. It’s hard to solve all levels without a little help. Use our walkthrough below to solve those difficult levels.
The game app is developed by BlueRiver Interactive/Dominik Haslinger. You can download the game on iTunes and Google Play. The game works with Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad and iPod. Sometimes you may get stuck and it seems impossible to solve a level. But then use our guide below.

WordsUp Burger Answers All Levels

The levels are in random order

WordsUp Answers Burger Level 1-10

#1 – Rope
#2 – Face
#3 – Cave
#4 – Goal
#5 – Five
#6 – Mall
#7 – Bear
#8 – Doll
#9 – Cone
#10 – Milk
You may have chosen the wrong letter for a word and end up not being able to solve the remaining words. Just restart the level and try a different order to solve the puzzle. You will see that there is a solution to every level.