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WordWhizzle Mix Answers All Levels and Packs

WordWhizzle Mix Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels. Need help solving a puzzle for the game by Apprope.
In WordWhizzle Mix, you face a game board featuring a theme and several connecting words that are hidden from view. Reveal the “hidden” words using clues and the level’s theme as your guide. 300+ levels to solve. Puzzle themes cover a range of topics.
Download the game app on iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Play on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device. The app supports Android and iOS. We enjoy the gameplay. Download the game to enjoy the fun.
WordWhizzle Mix Answers All Levels and Packs

WordWhizzle Mix Answers All Levels and Packs

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WordWhizzle Mix Answers Baby Pack 1

1 Frog, green, leaf, money.
2. Sky, Camping, tent, stars, fire.
3. Flowers, spring, birth, rain, april.
4. Money, coin, euro, income, cash.
5. Eleven, numbers, odd, even, zero, math.

WordWhizzle Mix Answers Kid Pack 2

1 Dentist, patient, crown, tooth, fear.
2. trees, fruit, pine, oak, aspen, trunk.
3. Boats, canoe, sail, mast, gondola.
4. Mammals, bear, human, seal, hare.
5. Art, brush, hue, sketch, shade, paint.

WordWhizzle Mix Answers Mix Junior Pack 3

1 Fish, lake, koi, fin, swim.
2. School, test, math, class, recess.
3. Sports, hoop, net, ski, play.
4. Shapes, sphere, star, square.
5. Clothes, sock, shirt, dress, pants.

WordWhizzle Mix Answers Mix Newbie Pack 4

1 Water, pool, lake, wave, rain.
2. Theater, play, actor, stage, drama.
3. Morning, shower, sunup, dawn.
4. At work, boss, break, desk, wage.
5. Family, gramps, wife, love.

WordWhizzle Mix Answers Mix Beginner Pack 5

1 Colors, Black, yellow, red, gold.
2. Animals, bull, gator, tiger, swan.
3. Music, tempo, rock, song, drum.
4. Insects, beetle, ant, lice, bee.
5. Winter, snow, icy, frost, season, coat.

WordWhizzle Mix Answers Mix Rookie Pack 6

26. Sweet, peach, caramel, honey, soda.
27. The sky, comet, star, moon, bird.
28. Soccer, offside, kick, field.
29. At sea, gale, ship, pirate, sail.
30. Deserts, dry, dune, camel, sand.
31. Farms, calf, animal, hay, field.
32. Summer, sun, camp, beach, hot.
33. Dessert, pudding, cake, tart, gelato.
34. Veggies, beet, radish, spud, pea.
35. Kitchen, Apron, plate, cake, chef.

WordWhizzle Mix Answers Mix Amateur Pack 7

36. At home, bath, ghair, foyer, bedroom.
37. Measure, gauge, gram, mile, ounce, acre.
38. Fishing, bait, hook, line, fly.
39. Sewing, Thread, iron, Tailor, knit.
40. Reading, book, novel, title, page.
41. Danse, tango, disco, move, jig.
42. Easter, grass, eggs, spring, candy.
43. Weather, snow, rain, fair, sunny.
44. Snakes, poison, viper, scales, asp.
45. Shoes, boot, size, sole, heel.

WordWhizzle Mix Answers Mix Apprentice Pack 8

46. Felines, fur, claws, lion, whisker.
47. Spiders, silk, bite, web, legs.
48. Cities, capital, taxi, museum, lane.
49. Leaders, queen, emperor, tsar.
50. toolbox, rasp, router, trowel, plane.
51. Driving, pedal, vehicle, idle, sign, gas.
52. Frigid, ice, gold, frost, igloo.
53. Picnic, grape, blanket, lunch, hotdog.
54. Housing, lease, tenant, home, flat.
55. Baking, cake, cookie, knead, bun.

WordWhizzle Mix Answers Mix Skilled Pack 9

56. Stormy, wet, icy, snow, rain.
57. Chicken, beak, hen, crow, eggs, wing.
58. Luggage, trunk, pack, case.
59. candy, sucker, bonbon, yum, bar.
60. Fashion, outfit, suit, flair, runway.
61. Cinema, line, ticket, stars, title.
62. Tennis, serve, net, set.
63. Autumn, leaves, gourd, orange.
64. Crafts, crochet, create, knit, sew.
65. On TV, info, news, sitcom, show.

WordWhizzle Mix Answers Mix Specialist Pack 10

66. Evrope, Sweden, Rome, Oslo, Greece.
67. Travel, Auto, Voyage, Airline, jet.
68. Light, lamp, glow, feather, wave.
69. Nature, forest, tundra, tree, moon.
70. Science, lab, laws, theory, test, cell.
71. Outside, yard, nature, elm, trees.
72. Distant, Yonder, further, past, far, outer.
73. Oceans, orca, tide, sand, current.
74. Apples, sauce, core, gala, peel, seed.
75. Seaside, shell, castle, beach.

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